258: Managing Menopause for Entrepreneurs with Michelle Fox
Big MeowJanuary 03, 202400:20:00

258: Managing Menopause for Entrepreneurs with Michelle Fox


Kristen White interviews Michelle Fox, a nutritionist, about how to manage menopause symptoms and make healthy eating easier for busy entrepreneurs. Michelle recommends lifestyle changes such as drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water each day, replacing happy hours with walks around the park practicing mindfulness and meditation, and having cruciferous vegetables as a healthy snack or meal option.

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Big Meow features Women Entrepreneurs: The Power of Voices and Community

As women entrepreneurs, we understand the powerful impact we can have in the world. Through our work as coaches, writers, speakers, and thought leaders, we inspire and empower others to achieve their goals and create positive change in their communities and beyond. But the journey of a female entrepreneur in the personal development industry is not without its challenges. From managing clients and finances to balancing work and personal life, we face a unique set of obstacles as we build and grow our businesses.

At the C.A.T.S. Network, aka Coaches, Authors, Thought Leaders and Speakers, we believe that women entrepreneurs are a vital force for change in the world. We recognize the need for a community where women from diverse backgrounds and cultures can come together, share their experiences, and support each other in their entrepreneurial journeys. Our mission is to create a safe and inclusive space where women's voices are heard, and their perspectives are valued. Founder, Kristen White, has a passion and a vision to invite all women to our C.A.T.S. Network global community where they will find friendship, fun and functionality on the journey as women entrepreneurs in the self-improvement marketplace.

One of our core values of the Big Meow and C.A.T.S. Network is diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We believe that diversity in all forms makes us stronger and better equipped to drive change in the business world and beyond. We are committed to actively cultivating an inclusive environment in which all members can feel safe, heard, and supported. We welcome members from all communities, including Accessibility, American Indian and Alaskan Native, Asian Pacific Islander, Black and African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Jewish, LGBTQIA+, Middle Eastern and North African, Muslim, Neuro-Diversity, South Asian, and more. We're open to supporting emerging groups from within our community.

On the Big Meow, through our partnership with the C.A.T.S. Network, we offer women entrepreneurs the opportunity to join a supportive community and connect with other like-minded individuals. Our platform features Big Meow interviews with members of the C.A.T.S. Network and other women entrepreneurs in the personal development industry. We showcase their stories and insights, providing a platform for women's voices to be heard and celebrated.

We believe that when women support each other, incredible things can happen. By collaborating, sharing resources, and offering support, we can build stronger businesses, better communities, and create positive change in the world. The C.A.T.S. Network offers a range of resources and tools to help women entrepreneurs succeed in their personal and professional lives. Our platform provides access to expert coaches, networking opportunities, and business development resources, to name a few.

The Big Meow, and our C.A.T.S. community, is committed to fostering personal and professional growth, and we welcome all women entrepreneurs who share our values and mission. We believe that by coming together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change in the world.

In conclusion, the Big Meow showcases women’s voices and celebrates their hard work as entrepreneurs and their commitment to positive change for the world. Likewise, C.A.T.S. Network is dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs by providing a safe and inclusive community where they can connect, collaborate and grow. We recognize the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in the personal development industry and are committed to providing the resources and tools needed to help them succeed. By fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, we are building a community where women's voices are heard, and their perspectives are valued. Join us in creating a powerful movement that empowers women entrepreneurs everywhere.

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